Sleepless in Gahanna

Like many of you I am experiencing working from home for the first time and it looks like I will be here indefinitely. 

Working from home was really cool at first, no rush hour traffic, no coffee and lunch prep, all the leftovers got eaten, the dog got let out more regularly.  I didn’t have to worry so much about my wardrobe, every day was casual Friday. Saving money on gas and eating out. Spending time with my husband. 

The cons came with internet outages, access to work files and office equipment and being in one place ALL THE TIME. And I am and extrovert. I need my people. I need my friends. I need my kids and grandkids. I need to visit my quilt shops. I needed to go to my guild meetings. And things… big things started to get cancelled. 9 months of classes and lectures, quilt shows, work, gone.

So all this affected my creative energies. I was depressed. I wasn’t sleeping New projects on my list were just not holding my attention. I could not move forward on them. I was in a funk. So, I pulled out an old project, an old friend, and started hand quilting.  I quilted in the morning, on my lunch break and sometimes late into the night. Ok, those of you who know me, past 10:00. I was on a mission. I was going to finish something.  One stitch at a time I was moving forward. A lot of what I work on eventually becomes a pattern. This project was just for me.  A labor of love. An old friend I have been working on and off on for years. And in the process, I managed to get a little of my drive back. And I loved it. Every step, every inch, every decision. 

One on my new patterns managed to get completed, another big project started to fit together. Little by little I got my quilting mojo back and, in the process, completed a hand appliqued and hand quilted quilt which I now will hang in my space just for me. 

And someday when this is all over hopefully you all will get to see it in person.